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Women And Masturbation

In many religious circles, masturbation is regarded as an act made possible by the Almighty Being.  The ability to masturbate is inherent in women as well as in women.  Once the female reaches puberty, the urge to masturbate is endowed within the young woman by the Almighty.

As for men and women, new-age Christians take the position that masturbation is an exercise of self-gratification.  These religious orders recognize that men and women need to release sexual pressure through masturbation.  However, religions have always believed in the urge to masturbate can and should be controlled.

Some sects believe that female masturbation is acceptable on occasions when there exists strong sexual urges before marriage and during marriage when temptations are overwhelming.  In these cases, masturbation is treated as remedy for infidelity.  Very few religious sects promote promiscuity.

Many of the world’s most famous women have found ways to convert the urge to indulge in self-gratification into positive energy that has led them to positions of global accomplishments.  Excessive masturbation is rebuke as acceptable inmost religions. While men admittedly masturbate more regularly than women, many ministers unwittingly hold females to higher standards.

As the most influential person in a child’s life, women are expected to set a good example and are thus held to a higher standard than their male counterparts.  It is difficult to justify this position because biologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists do not see masturbation as an unnatural act.

However, it is safe to day that excessive masturbation can lead to addiction and a fantasy world that contains online pornography.  When women or men reach this all-consuming state, it is time to seek help.  A good place to begin can be with a clergy person or addiction counselor.  Like all addictions, masturbation addiction and online porn addiction are difficult to treat.  Therapies are hampered because, like all addicts, there exists a high degree of denial.

Religions favor marriage.  Masturbation is discouraged for married couples that subscribe to the belief that procreation is the purpose of heterosexual relationships.  Religions encourage couple to seek counseling if they are unable to arrive at common ground on this sensitive issue.        

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