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Excessive Masturbation

Excessive Masterbation

Masturbation is the manipulation of the sex organs. This is an act done in privacy, as it is not socially acceptable. Many people engage in masturbation at various times in their lives. Curiosity is often the reason for younger individuals, while older people may use it to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Some people falsely believe that masturbation can make you impotent. One chooses to masturbate when one wants to experience the sensation of having sex when one is single, or their partner is unavailable to have sex. People may masturbate to achieve orgasm, the feeling that happens at the peak of sex. It can possibly be a beneficial way to release sexual tension and desire. Generally they are focusing on thoughts about their partners while masturbating. Masturbation cannot occur until puberty, for most men around 15 to 16 is when they are first able to masturbate. But for women this is considered an early age when compared to men. The onset of menstruation, often between the ages of 12 and 15, is when women may begin to masturbate.

You may become addicted to masturbation if you are not having sex or do not feel completely satisfied with it. People become addicted to masturbation for many reasons, but regardless of the reason, there may be health problems or psychological problems in the future. Masturbating can become even more addicting, and over time, may be the only way for people to satisfy their sexual desires.

Excessive masturbation can be problematic because it can cause health problems if the area is not cleansed thoroughly because bacteria will build up. People will complain about pain in the genitals, but still do not end their bad habits. There are a number of options to break the addiction, but the problem with medication is that it is expensive and people are often too self-conscious to seek help.

Many authors and readers of this website have mild or severe masturbation and porn addictions. It is tough to control (we know), it has been likened to the fight against tobacco and cocaine addiction.

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  1. Chris
    September 12, 2010

    You guys say that masturbation can’t occur until puberty. You are DEAD WRONG!!!! I began masturbating when I was 6 or 7 years old! I knew nothing about sex back then so of course I didn’t do it because of that.

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  2. Michael
    September 27, 2010

    if i stop masturbating at 16 will i have children in the futere like 10 years later

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  3. Shawn
    October 7, 2010

    I am trying to stop masturbating and tried using chili pepper on my male member. It didn’t stop it, just made it a little uncomfortable that might make it less often. You have to try things for a year to change a habit I believe.

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  4. RAY
    November 10, 2010

    i find it very hard to stop this devil act. i started masturbating when i was in the sec sch. form 2 . a friend said how it was and since then i having being practicing this till now . i want you help me out please .i fell very guilty when i always practice this, and at times when when i am given a programme at church to do i feel like deserve to be punished by God. please help me and pray for me b’cos i do come across these ponographic pix and other ungodly things which attract me soo much . and i know wit ur prayers and guidance every thing will be fine. pls do come to ma aid

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  5. Katharina Rauter
    December 21, 2010

    IĀ“think the best option is, to make masturbation difficult and unatractiv to boys a radical circumcision.

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  6. Peter Phillips
    December 22, 2010

    Hi Katharina, HARSH comment, we try to support more psychological and helpful mechanisms deal with very real and very tough habits to break. But thanks for contributing to the discussion.

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  7. Jason
    December 26, 2010

    I find it interesting that a page dedicated to ending masturbation addicition has pictures of attractive women and an attractive woman in the act of ‘doing the deed’ in the ‘Excessive Masturbation’ section. Now, do you honestly think that this sort of exposure is appropriate for a page that claims to help people get away from it? I would be inclined to ask how many of you, who have a serious addiction, have masturbated to any of the pictures contained within this site. Listen, if you want to help people then take the tripping stones out of our path and stop contributing to the problem by failing to utilize some common sense when attaching photos. Thanks.

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  8. Anne
    January 2, 2011

    Just to say I have been masturbating since I was 5. The stimulation starting when i would sit on the end of the bed which had a wooden frame. Then I would do it on any surface any where, i tried to keep it private as I felt it was not to be displayed. However, my mother and the rest of my siblings would catch me as I would not be able to control the urge and or where i performed it. I still find the urge as strong as ever and would be lost without it. I am in my 50s.

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  9. Brian
    January 9, 2011

    I started at 14 as a means to get to sleep. I had insomnia throughout childhood. Over the years I found it a good stress reliever, relaxant etc…. in my twenties I was in a radical Christian church for 3 yrs but still could not go more than 3 weeks without a painfull explosion down there … I quit church to have a relationship, I mostly had erectile dysfunction as I was so used to fantasising I could not get hard with the real thing in front of me… I fell into a pattern with women of performing oral on them and then finishing myself off by hand. Deeply frustrating for both of us. My last ex dumped me for my older best friend. I am 36, deeply insecure around women, I have put on lots of weight from the last 5 years’ excessive drinking and eating. Bottom line I can’t feel anything any more and yet still feel unable to stop for longer than a week.

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  10. Enter Your Name...
    January 11, 2011

    Hello Ray, i read your post and felt like replying cause i know your what you are going through cause i have gone through the same thing, the solution to your problem is finding out the source of your masturbation, i want you to ask yourself ‘what really is the cause for my masturbation?’ is it watching porn or thinking about sex, after knowing the reason or cause for this action the next thing is to eliminate it. You see, Ray, fighting against the act will always end up in failure but fighting against the thing behind the act will end up in success, you have to make up your mind to stop that thing that causes masturbation whatever it might be. The next thing i want you to do Ray is purify your thoughts with the word of God, like the wise saying ‘How a man thinketh so he is’ your mind has been corrupted with images of porn and sex, you need to cleanse them away with the word of God, just as you spent hours with porns, you need to even spend more with the word of God and meditate on it, when i say meditate i mean don’t just read the word of God but spend time to think about what you’ve just read, reflect it on your life and let his words fill your every thought, let his love fill your being. Then the next thing you need to do is to support these things with prayer and fasting as the holy spirit leads, also when ever temptations of masturbation comes use the word of God, like; 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says in summary that you have been made a new creature through christ and Romans 6:11 which says in summary that you have been dead unto sin but made alive through christ, repeat this words with sincerity and authority while marching to and fro your room and if the urge is getting to much imagine christ on the cross, visualize jesus on the cross see the great sacrifice he undertook for me, you & the entire world see as he takes away the sins of the world and let him take away the urge to commit sin, And if ever which i know and i pray not, you slip back to masturbate, the worst thing you can do to yourselve is condemn yourselve, you see, that is what the devil wants, he wants you to hate & blame yourselve and think it is to late to repent and make you to continually drown in your sins, he manipulate your mind to make you think God hates you but he loves you than you can ever imagine it is sin he detests not you, whenever you sin or masturbate immediately repent, The lord is merciful, his mercies endures forever he will forgive you, temptation will surely come even Jesus was tempted and he used the word of God to defeat the devil use the word of God and you will be victorious.
    RAY, if you follow these steps and not relent, don’t just do it for few days and stop. I believe you will end up a new and transformed man, in Jesus name AMEN.
    Peace and God Bless.

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  11. Abraham
    January 11, 2011

    Hi Ray, i just read your post and really wanted to reply cause i know what you have been through and i have been through even worse, the solution to your problem is knowing what causes your masturbation, many people fight the act but not what is behind the act, i want you to ask yourselve ‘what really makes me masturbate’ is it watching porn or your thoughts, in most cases it’s your thought like the wise saying ‘as a man thinketh so he is’ even before watching porn or masturbating you must have thought about it, so the next step is how to control your thoughts, and that is where the WORD OF GOD comes in, your mind has been polluted with porn and sex so what you need to do is to cleanse it with the word of God, spend time with the word of God even more than the time you spent watching porn, and not only just read the word of God but also meditate on it when i say meditate i mean fill your thoughts with the WORD OF GOD don’t just read but reflect the WORD on your life, let his words fill your being, meditate on his words day and night, ask him to purge you clean with his blood.
    The next step is to use the same WORD OF GOD as a weapon against it whenever you are tempted even when Jesus was tempted he used the word of God and defeated the devil, like; 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says in summary that you are a new creature in Christ therefore old things are passed away, masturbation is passed away, watching porn is passed away, you can march to and fro proclaiming it authoritatively there are also other bible verses like Romans 6:11 which says you are dead indeed unto sin but alive through Jesus Christ, you can also do you own research in the bible, listen, there is power in the WORD OF GOD another powerful way you can overcome the temptation is by closing your eyes and imagining Christ on the cross, seeing him offering himself as a sacrifice for our sins, seeing him take away your sins and surrender yourself at the foot of the cross let him take away that urge to sin. And don’t forget to Pray and open your heart unto your father.
    And whenever, which i pray not, you backslid, the worst thing you can do to yourselve is begin to hate or condemn yourselve, or think that God hates you, God doesn’t hate you it is sin it detest, the devil wants you to think that it is to late to repent or go back to the father and that is a big lie God really loves you more than you can imagine, the bible says his mercies endures forever, so if you backslid the next thing to do is immedialely repent. Ray, if you follow this steps and do them everyday with dedication i believe that you will end up being a new man.
    Peace and God Bless.

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  12. Pray for me Mark
    January 28, 2011

    I masturbathed 4 nearly 2 years now i want to stop this foolish act since 2nd month but i can’t the cause of my masturbation is when i watch porn or when i get extreamly horny plz pray 4 me I dun want to hurt my Lord anymore ):

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  13. usan nana
    February 2, 2011

    thanck you enter your name, and abraham you have changed my life to a new person i will continoun to worship god and read 2 corinthians 5:11 and romans 6:11 thank you relly thanck you very much….

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  14. usan nana
    February 2, 2011

    you enter your name, and abraham you have changed my life to a new person i will continoun to worship god and read 2 corinthians 5:11 and romans 6:11 thank you relly thanck you very much….

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  15. Sebastian
    February 13, 2011

    “Masturbation cannot occur until puberty, for most men around 15 to 16” That part is actually a lie. I started when i was 9 and I’m still doing it. By the way I am 14.

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  16. Finau Tupou
    March 23, 2011

    To tell you the truth it is really hard i try but it wont stop i keep on thinking about it i masterbate about 2 or 3 times a day i want this addiction to stop plus its against my religion i feel so guilty i just want it to stop ill try to get rid of this horrible addiction

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  17. Jyothish
    March 29, 2011


    Hi frnds….

    As ma nam says im an Hindu…..and i dnt hav anythin to put in front of frm stping masturbation…frm religious side… I tried readin Bible, bt didnt wrkd out…

    Wen d time comes im desperate to let it go…n i vil find 1 way or an othr to do it….i evn evolvd in dis once…tryin new places to masturbate….finding nw reasons….and i’ll do it….
    Aftr dat i thnk as ma self….wat a pathetic loser i am…

    Althoh im charming…i dnt a hav a gal frnd…which still makes me virgin…which leads to more of dis masti,sh*t… I dnt hav guts to go 2 a hooker…n i dnt tnk a hooker wrth me…i nt shwing off…im just a fool…

    I trid many ways…none wrks…..i evn tried weed….i hlpd bt d wrng way…nw i dnt use it anymor…

    I startd dis hell habit frm 7 yrs old…frm den i only stpd may be 300 days max….most of d days 2 times…Since im strong, i dnt hav any health issues…a littile mor skinny nw,datz all…

    Guys n Gals n Doctors plz hlp me…i cant concentrate on studying…i hav very less grades…ma future is gonna end…if dat hapns i vil kill maself….

    Im sry frm d bttm of ma heart…if der is a prblm vth ma speak…plz…If der is any1 kind enouh 2 hlp plz snd me a mail to

    i cant afrd a physcartist,plz ur advices r d best…help me….God Bless You!

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  18. Enter Your Name...
    March 30, 2011

    To stop masturbation is not an easy task,i’ve tryed it more than a thounsand times but it seemed not to work.i had my first sex when i was 6 years old.i dont knw how it was possible cos i had not reached puberty stage,since then i have been masturbating.i guess d problem is frm inside my thought,my feelings but d major problems is porn.i like watching porn and anytime i watch a porn,i will masturbate,but dat is not an issue cause i can stop watching porn my main problem is playing games wit my phone.whenever i play games with my phone,my libido wil rise to 100% and when i said games i didnt mean sex games,just games like football.wrestling,racing,shooting etc and dats d one i cant stop cos i use it to kill time and not to be idle without knowing dat am jumping from frying pan to fire.after visiting dis site, i said to my self dat am gonna but i knw dat its not going to work.i think its only God dat can see me through dis devilish act.

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  19. tim
    April 22, 2011

    me too im so addicted with it and i think if there is a chance that theres a girl with me in a room i would rather rape her >__<

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  20. manoj
    May 8, 2011

    i’m doing tis hell habit for 2years daily 2 or 3 times i do tis . The main reason s stress. My question is in future i ll sex wit ma partner. My organ ll affect like erectic problem. Wanna reason soon guys. I’m very much afraid of that.

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  21. Enter Your Name...
    May 12, 2011

    Hi !
    First thing i like to tel u is that. . .just feel r not doing a big crime that u r becming so concious . . .second thing is your religin. . .just thng religion are just formed by we humans.there is no need to much as u wil concious to it.more and mre wil it stay in your mind and you wil do it. ,
    so dnt b dprsd !
    NOW ! Just thnk ths is a simple problem that causd due to your boring day.try to kip yourself your good thngs.have enjoy fun. . .flirt. . .lots of non veg. . .do dif thngs. . .impres othrs. . .evn if smtym u wl hapn . .dnt cre that ‘wht hapn nw ,i did it’
    just thnk it was need fo tody n i did. . .n foget al.n thn get bsy wid routine. . .u wil definitly doing ths very les. . .blv urself.its most imp thng that v dnt knw ! :-) tak cre. . . . . . . .thnk bout love and afection. . .sex is nothng in front of ths !

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  22. Dan
    May 17, 2011

    I am 58 years old and I masturbate all the time. I am doing it right now. I started a couple years ago when my wife started losing interest in sex. I prefer masturbating to sex now, it is such a great feeling and it last for hours.
    As soon as my wife leaves for work, I will masturbate for about one hour and I will do it in the afternoon for another hour.
    When she goes to bed at 11:00 p.m. l masturbate for 2 hours.
    So, on a normal day, I spend 4 hours stroking without cumming. I also like to walk in front of a window at night and let my good looking neighbor see what I am up to, that really turns me on.
    The only problem with masturbating a lot is that I don’t get enough sleep, I wake up tired in the morning.
    I am not interested in quitting because I love it so much and I will probably do it for the rest of my life.

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  23. Brenda Caroline
    May 23, 2011

    Its true.Even me i started doing it when i wz 6 yrs n at that tym i dnt know what i was doing until i wz 13 bt it wz too late to stop just like that coz i wz already addicted

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  24. Enter Your Name...
    July 10, 2011

    why is there a picture of a busy female up at the top? its not helping…

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  25. Vivian
    July 13, 2011

    Well I am not really addicted I mean I’ve gone a 1 year or more( I started at the age of 16 I am 21) with out so much as thinking about it, but then suddenly something big happened in my life then I find myself masturbating 1-3 a week I mean! I feel very guilty because I want to be such a strong christian I pray everytime after and days after but when feelings come up and emotions (escp when I am bored) it just happens. I wanna stop and just save myself for my future partner, so I am going to resist, I know I can stop when I am busy but when I am bored……and bordem is always there even when you try so hard to avoid it….. God bless you all who have stood up to write these comments I realised before it became to late. And you all, with Gods help this problem can be solved completely and God will through it in the river of forgetfulness and you will be able to move on, we just need to know that this feeling is natural but only when experiencing it with a God given Partner ( and with alot of self control) so, know that everyone gets aroused just not as over the top as us, so please dont be hard on yourselves, ask for repentance and move on asap and stick to God, Keep your eye on the cross and before you know it will become better. I am actually speaking as a person who managed to stop for a long time then when something drama tic happened I crumbeled and I am still busy picking up the pieces. My point is if it is not ruining your life if it doesnt disturb you if it just makes you feel guilty for a couple of minutes then after that it like nothing happened, STOP NOW before it does because addicts start somewhere and whereelse better then where you are.
    God bless

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  26. Patoz
    July 14, 2011

    The book has helped me 2stop my mustubation habits slowly by slowly

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  27. Enter Your Name...
    July 19, 2011


    Guys try to have lot of water that may help you…….

    I got out of masterbating by following this…. :-)

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  28. Matt M
    November 21, 2011

    i am a son of God, and i know that God is very very pissed at me everytime I masturbate. I started at the age of 15 when my father ordered a cable tv. all the channels was for movies and cartoons, but i found a station for adults and i was alone and of course i knew what it was a porn channel. My father had no idea that there was a porn channel and that is how it all started. I try so many times to stop, but the devils has always kept me going by seeing women showing so much cleavage. when my father never wanted cable no more TV commercials and shows have ways to make me masturbate and even childerens cartoons have ways showing sexual content. Please pray for me that i stop this becuase it has become an addiction.

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  29. Ray
    November 23, 2011

    God bless u so much for your help. I am not the Ray but im also called Ray. I am a victim just like Ray and have repented greatly 2day. Your steps are marvelous and directed by God himself. God bless!

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  30. luke
    January 14, 2012

    the first guys right i started at 11. god im only 15 now .so i dont think you can only start at 15

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  31. Mr t
    January 25, 2012

    I started masturbating in 2005 when i was 24,i thought by excersing my penis (i have a small size) it will be longer and bigger but it still remain the same and i cant stop masturbating. I’m addicted pls help me.

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  32. James
    February 12, 2012

    I have serious problem: I started masterbating when I was 12, I am 14 now. Occasionally I can go 1-2 days without it, but I relapse. Lately Ive doing it 2-5 tunes a day. I just needed to get that out.

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  33. musty
    February 18, 2012

    the only thing that would make me stop masturbating is not see any girl/woman/lady in this world again. i pray GOD should not create then wit BooBs and FaT ass again. cos if i sait my eye on them it make me to masturbate!! i masturbate like 4 times a day, can u imagine dat, i started when i was jos 10yrs old, and i am now 25 because of dat i am a total loser in life. i hate women!!

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  34. Coffee
    February 23, 2012

    Been getting Help with herbal tonics that help males STOP JAGGING OFF – Bottom line it feels good temporary;y — it like a high you cant let go of……….. read some books – sperm boy

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  35. josh liddell
    March 2, 2012

    To be honest, I have engaged in masturbatory acts of self love every single day since I was 11 years old (42 now) and have never given a moment’s thought to shame or guilt. I was quite embarrassed once when my girlfriend (now wife) caught me sneaking a quick one when I thought she was in the shower, but never ever ashamed. I believe that the human hand is by intelligent design made in a way that allows for it to pull perfectly on the inflated member of the user. The only thing I really feel bad about is the amount of paper napkins I have wasted. The only time it was ever a problem for me was one time when I was in my first year (a rookie I guess you might say) and I worked it over until it looked like a pink cauliflower the next day. I am sure that God loves me and doesn’t care if I stroke it. That cauliflower thing was just a reminder that I need to practice in moderation. We all do.

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  36. wish
    March 5, 2012

    started @ 16 n since dn its almost 4 yrs now… @17 i went to clg n started living alone n for a year n half i masturbatd @ an average of 3 times a day.. However nw its a bit better dn dat, nw i do it lyk 1-2 times every 1-2 dayz.. U cn say avg. 1 per day stil i need to end dis.. I m so guilty al the tym plus i m worried wil i ever b able to recover frm dis shit? Help me people

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  37. ricky
    March 12, 2012

    lol i thought the same thing as jason! … scripturally speaking we here exposed to it some how and it planted a really bad seed when we were younger or we got hurt in a past relationship and because of that hurt we developed insecurity and so all the enemy has to do is tempt us and watch us fall…. you gotta give it up to the Lord and be secure in who you are in the kingdom know that your the son/daughter of the living God whom loves us dearly and would never let us be tempted with more than we can handle. We have a choice we can choose to hold on to this seed or hurt in our hearts or you can let it go and give it up to Jesus Christ through whom all things are possible and be free of this oppression. And guess what ? if ya give it up to Father He’s bless bless you with somethin that has fare more satisfaction than just a couple of seconds :) be blessed and know that your are worth the blessings Jesus has in store for you

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  38. rish
    March 16, 2012

    i a 21 year old female.i strtd at about 10 or 11yrs old.i was always alone it occupied my time and was fun at 18 i had sex bt i neva likd it,i do enjoy foreplay bt i neva had an orgasm i had 2 fake i derivd max. Satisfctn 4rm mastubtin. I gav my lif 2 christ,im vry wel respctd at church i-v done evrytin i cn 2 stop bt its nt workin! Wt do i do i fil dirty,unworthy

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  39. Enter Your Name...
    March 28, 2012

    hey wat is ur height now i asking this b-coz i think that masturbation stop height?

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  40. excessively_undertstated
    March 29, 2012

    Just the article’s picture alone sets me off down the rabbit hole. I’ve been this way since I was 12. 32 now, and bit of a loner. Masturbating 2-3 times a day has progressed to 12+ hour sessions, with sometimes only 3 hour sleep breaks. The time just goes by. That has been 3 years now. It’s so bad now that I can’t even stop when I’m doing other stuff (like msn friend one-hand, make coffee/food). Seriously, I’m not even joking. It is so pathetic. My penis is raw and tender, but this still doesn’t stop me (the pain overcomes). My skin is pretty bad. I can link this to over-masturbating b/c there have been times when I stopped for a while, and clear up. Like over christmas I visited family and had a break in pattern.. felt new, fresh and rejuvenated. Came back to my pit and lasted a full month with no masturbation. I had a wet dream. The next morning I woke as horny as anything you could imagine. Been that way ever since. The stupid thing is, is I’m not bad looking. I mean, I always get nice looks and compliments. People just think I’m shy and don’t know why I’m a loner. Feel life had ebbed away from me somewhat now. Totally sucks (understatement).

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  41. Tom Christee
    April 2, 2012

    Well i started this when i was 9 years and now i am 15 years old still i havent stopped it,i canot stop it because i am that addicted towards it.I can feel pain all over the excretry systems sometimess.Please tell me a solutin

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  42. Re: Tom Christee
    April 9, 2012

    Re: Tom Christee

    Dude, you’re 15. Don’t stress about that. Set the guilt well aside b/c it is no good for you. You’re going through a natural process! I guarantee you’re not the only 15 year old to be jerking off constantly; so don’t let it be a stress/bad thing. It’s when people get to adulthood (like me; 33.. almost) and it’s still the same (actually, increased), having over-shadowed much else in their life. That’s when it’s not so-much a good thing. Ignore all the religious maudlin projectors on this board. It has absolutely nothing to do with God. Only you.

    Relax, Tom. You are perfectly normal.

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  43. Anonymous
    April 9, 2012

    Thank you for all of your comments this has really helped me and made me open my eyes on the subject and hope that I can overcome my problem and hope that the lord forgives me of my wrongdoing

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  44. some desperate guy
    April 23, 2012

    i started masturbating at 10 now im 18 years. there is hope one time i started reading the bible and stop masturbating for 75 days. but i got districted with other things like video games and movies and i started to mastubate again. but today april 23 im going to try again but this time im going to be careful with my emotions and feelings or my heart. im going to camp and learn about god one once again i really should be careful. learn about jehova and keep his commandments.

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  45. for change
    June 2, 2012

    That picture is so disturbing

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  46. Carly
    July 12, 2012

    I’ve been masturbating ever since I was 11 and now I’m 13 years old and a female. I now know that I have let Satan enter my life by watching porn, masturbating, and watching scary paranormal movies. I can definitely see how it’s affecting me. I do have a connection with God but this habit is so hard to break. Please help me!

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  47. kleb
    January 12, 2014

    Carly. Satan did not and will not enter your life.. you are just growing up and since u said you have a connection with God, just relax because all things work together for good for those who love God. you will break it one day- nothing is impossible.

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  48. b d
    June 12, 2014

    I love amsturbating 48 yo wm, jerk off lots anyone want to share stories e mail me greglegg53@yahoo,com

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