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Female Masturbation – Excessive Indulgence and How to Contain the Act

do_hod_masturbationFemale masturbation as the word denotes defines the act of Female masturbation in itself. Is the act of Female masturbation merely a Channel for satisfying the inherent sexual urges that exists within every female once she gains puberty! No… The act of Female masturbation is inherent in every female as was destined by God the Almighty.

Here we need to discuss why the need for Female masturbation at all! Why this act (of female masturbation) was created by God the Almighty… can we not do without! Are there females who do not feel the urge at all in their lifetime? No, it is never so! Every female the moment she attains puberty develops this urge inherently come whatever may! Why so?

If we try to understand the femininity as was created by God the Almighty we shall arrive at a conclusion that unless there is a Channel for dissipating the excess energies preserved in an individual… there is always a possibility that the individual self would find unhealthy means of gratification. The Channel of Female masturbation was built by God in the similar manner as we have a pressure release valve in a pressure cooker.

Even the most accomplished females existing on Mother Earth have at any stage indulged in female masturbation. One may admit or not because of the nature of feminine gender (contrary to what the famous philosopher and psychologist Bertrand Russell acknowledged in his autobiography that he was a genius and to that matter an expert in the act of male masturbation). Admittance or a denial but the truthful facts can never be denied.

Yes! It is a fact that the most accomplished females existing on Mother Earth were able to transmute this potential source of energy into more creative channels. And it is these accomplishments which every female must indulge in. Why indulge in Female masturbation when one can easily transmute this most potential source of energy into creative activity that leads one to gaining fame in the field of our liking.

Admittance by most females to the act of Female masturbation would not be accomplished yet, but the likes of Mother Teresa, famous Prime Ministers like Golda Meier, Margaret Thatcher, Srimavo Bandaranaike and Indira Gandhi are some of the established and accomplished leaders of the world who whenever felt the urge channelised it to more creative paths.

Why indulge in the act of Female masturbation and destroy our future… Do we realize that this potential source of energy given to every female every month had a very potential reason for it to be given by God? Unless and until this excessive dose of energy which is available to every female every month was provided by God… the journey as a manifested human being would not have been possible for a female.

The rigors of the day-to-day working require a massive dose of energy and it is not within the powers of a female to produce this energy on its own. God the Almighty graced all females with this bountiful source of energy available to every woman every month. Knowing well that it may not be possible for every female to channelise this energy into creative forms God had to create another source to Channel out the excess energy… and hence the act of female masturbation.

Female masturbation is not an act to be ashamed of but why Channel out this most creative energy by indulging in female masturbation. Why not transmute it into more creative forms of energy existing on Mother Earth. It is an established fact that if from the times a woman gains puberty… she does not indulge in the act of Female masturbation then this woman shall make her mark in the world with golden letters.

It is only the act of transmuting the monthly source of energy into more creative uses by which one can put an end to the act of female masturbation. And to be able to transmute this monthly source of energy into more creative uses is not that difficult a task as it may be presumed to be. One only needs to establish at an early age a goal of life. And if we are to achieve this goal of life within the physical lifetime of 70 to 80 years then where is the time to indulge in the act of female masturbation.

We must always remember that we are not alone in the act of female masturbation. Many rather most indulge in this act of Female masturbation but may not be able to freely admit it. Indulgence in the act of Female masturbation is not harmful but it is also not creative. Why not pray to God the Almighty to help us transmute the potential energy given to every female every month. And it is this act of non-indulgence in Female masturbation that shall win us the day.

We also need to remember that non-indulgence on female masturbation shall increase the resistance of the body to such levels that no disease can overtake us. Free of all diseases for ever one basks in the glory of non-indulgence in female masturbation. It need not be emphasized that non-indulgence in female masturbation shall lead one to unfettered heights in leadership and accomplishments in life.

Vijay Kumar… The Man who Realized God in 1993 focuses on Female Masturbation – Excessive Indulgence and how to contain the act. For more tips on spirituality and life issues visit – Female Masturbation

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  1. Anonynous
    October 17, 2011

    I’m female and laughed my butt off reading this.

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  2. anon
    October 15, 2012

    This is both hilarious and ridiculous, wow

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  3. Anon
    November 26, 2012

    This is hilarious! Especially the part about being “free of all diseases”… by not masturbating! Who knew? I am laughing so hard right now.

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  4. Brad
    March 1, 2013

    I’m not and so did I! How to stop masturbating………uhhhh……….SHOOT yourself? ‘Later. ‘Gotta go shave my palms!

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  5. Anonymous 2
    May 3, 2013

    Right? This is ridiculous. While y’all bask in your glory of masturbation I will be pleasuring myself. Bye bye

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