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Masturbation Addiction – Hard to Stop

One of the most puzzling of all sexual addictions is the very personal masturbation addiction.  Some of that puzzlement is due to the lack of clarity about exactly what constitutes masturbation addiction and why is the condition so serious.

The majority of people on the planet masturbate.  Some of those persons believe they have a masturbation addiction while others do not.  Some people who think they do not have a masturbation addiction do.  Like other forms of dependency, the addict is the last person to acknowledge the self-destructive lifestyle that is created by the addiction.

Persons of both sexes who cannot cease their masturbation habit do not really take pleasure in the act.  It lowers their self-esteem.  And, masturbation eventually spurts roots of self-discontent and even bitterness.  Like all dependencies, masturbation addiction thrives in distracted persons with increased emotional tension and stress.

Our free eBook, How to Stop Masturbation – 8 step eBook is designed to help persons wishing to learn more about masturbation and porn addiction.  By completing the confidential e-mail return address block at the top left of this screen, you can receive your free copy.  You are certain to gain a better perspective about the addictions and the treatment options for these wildly spreading dependencies.

Some persons continue to attempt self-treatment.  Often these individuals stop for days, weeks, even months before falling back into the destructive cycle.  Most drug, alcohol and emotional dependency rehabilitation programs require versions of the 12-step format originated by Alcoholics Anonymous.  For masturbation or porn addiction there are other options.

However, all rehabilitation begins with a straightforward look at your habits, time expenditures, risks, relationships, financial and legal issues.  Realizing that masturbation is not a positive component in your life, recognizing that there are more meaningful pursuits and more interesting achievements to be attained is a good place to start.

You may need support.  You may need counseling, but you have to start somewhere.  The best place to start is with an honest and frank assessment of where you want your life to go and what is important to you.

Do you envision spending more time searching pornographic sites to locate stimulating material by which you can masturbate?  Do you really believe your actions are unnoticed at home, at school or at work?

Palisades Systems, who tracks university computer usage, reported that 42 percent of all file-to-file sharing involved child or adult pornography.  Queen’s University in Belfast reports that of 350 businesses surveyed, 28 percent of those questioned admitted to downloading sexual explicit material at work.  Typically 44 percent of office users, 40 percent of home users and 59 percent of university users are connecting with porn sites on a weekly basis.  Sound like an epidemic to you?

More than 30 percent of 1500 international companies have dismissed workers for inappropriate use of the Internet.  Nearly 50 percent of today’s big companies use protective filtering to decrease the temptation

For the most part, masturbation and porn addicts are unhappy campers.  They need your help and your support.  If you or someone you know can benefit from our eBook, please complete the form today and start someone on the path to a positive life tomorrow.

Many authors and readers of this website have mild or severe masturbation and porn addictions. It is tough to control (we know), it has been likened to the fight against tobacco and cocaine addiction.

Many readers have found the free 'How to Stop masturbation - 8-step eBook' provided the power to take back control of their life and control masturbation. Please enter you email address in the box to the top left of you screen to immediately download the 'How to Stop masturbation - 8-step eBook'.

It's now available to you in a safe, private, anonymous environment and it works!

A bright future awaits you, but you need to take the first step.

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