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Masturbation Addiction – The Woman’s View

The more silent, less visible masturbation addiction affects millions of women around the world.  While young boys may begin to play with themselves and experiment even before puberty, young girls usually wait until reaching the menstrual cycle.  Girls typically mature faster than boys and often face tempting fantasies at an earlier age.

Even then, most women read or are instructed about masturbation before they commence self-exploration.  Children who masturbate should not be advised of old wife’s tales and folklore about the age-old practice.  What children do need to know is that masturbation can evolve into a lonely, isolated addiction where the real world is replaced by a world of fantasy and risk.

Of course, no dependency is as simple as that. The symptoms of masturbation addiction are serious, carry emotional ties and build scars that need to be treated.  There is much to learn about the ageless, non-gender specific masturbation addiction.

That’s why we offer a free eBook How to Stop Masturbation – 8 step eBook. By adding your confidential email address into the box at the top left of this screen, you can receive a printable version of our free booklet filled with information about male and female masturbation addiction, the symptoms, the causes, the effects and the recommended therapeutic options.

Many women attribute the growth of female masturbation with the release of Betty Freidan’s book “The Feminine Mystique,” released in 1963.  Friedan took women’s liberation to the highest level, suggesting that men were not needed in order to enjoy sex.  Friedan’s theory is based upon the location of the magical “G spot to which every woman reacts differently.  Friedan’s theory seems to promote the pursuit of a meaningful masturbation event.

Is that what sexual intercourse is to you?  Masturbation may provide a short-term relief from anxiety, stress, ease the menstrual cramps and even facilitate sleep, but it is a far cry from intercourse.  Masturbation also tends to lead to other addictions, the most common being pornography.

When masturbation begins to interfere with your life, you will realize the self-control that you have forfeited.  Your self-confidence will be low and your relationship will falter.  The process is destructive and inevitable.

Excessive masturbation can also cause sexual dysfunction.  Reaching orgasm can be a premature experience for men and an impossible result for women who are accustomed to stimulating themselves.  And, sexual partners notice these inconsistencies.  In fact, they are turned away from a removed sexual experience.

Isn’t it time you faced your masturbation addiction and became the partner you always wanted to be?  Your life is ahead, not behind.  Check out our free booklet and learn what you need to know to put your life back on a positive path.

What do you have to lose?  Knowledge is power.  Free yourself today

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