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Understanding – The Key to Masturbation Addiction Relief

Most likely you know if you suffer from masturbation addiction.  You have felt the loss of self-esteem, the lack of self-confidence and have probably become extremely introverted.  You know your fantasies are overtaking your sense of reality and pushing you away from things you truly care about.

When confronting your addiction and assessing the correct path of treatment, you must engage the process and in fact initiate the treatment.  You may want to begin by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Why do you want to stop?
  • How do you intend to stop?

These two questions may well set the course for your pending recovery.  With addictions, your personal motivation will come from within.  There are many treatment choices facing persons seeking therapy from masturbation addiction.

We suggest that you learn more about your choices, about the various treatment options and the path of your future life.  By entering your confidential e-mail address in the box at the top left of this screen, you will receive our free eBook How to Stop Masturbation – 8 step eBook. Many readers have used this book as a guide to understanding the addiction, the treatment and what is ahead.

In any therapy path you choose, you will find the need to establish positive energy, positive action and real goals.  You may want to consider enrollment in support groups and have serious conversations with people that are close to you.  Masturbation addiction is treatable and you do not have to lose your dignity to find a more meaningful way of life.

Most treatment options acknowledge two statements:

  • Outside pressure is counter-productive
  • A positive outlook is the best motivation to succeed.

You may need outside counseling, you may need outside support, but the decision to change to a more productive lifestyle is yours.  If you suffer masturbation addiction, you probably experience online pornography and other risky pursuits that can damage your professional and legal future.

Neither business, society, nor academia takes pornography addiction lightly.  Tackling these addictions is necessary for you to advance as a person, a contributing member of society.  What may have started as a bit of self-exploration can quickly escalate into a full-time pursuit of fantasy and pornography.  Simply, it isn’t worth it.  The best things in life, the things you will want to remember are real.

Would you feel sad if a child of yours was sidelined with either of these addictions?  If so, the chances are good, you know the direction you must take.  Even if you have tried to self-treat before, pick up a free copy of our eBook and start thinking about a new way of life.  A life with sharing and caring and filled with successes is worth thinking about.  That can be you, but you must start somewhere.  Here’s your chance.  How about today, right now?

Many authors and readers of this website have mild or severe masturbation and porn addictions. It is tough to control (we know), it has been likened to the fight against tobacco and cocaine addiction.

Many readers have found the free 'How to Stop masturbation - 8-step eBook' provided the power to take back control of their life and control masturbation. Please enter you email address in the box to the top left of you screen to immediately download the 'How to Stop masturbation - 8-step eBook'.

It's now available to you in a safe, private, anonymous environment and it works!

A bright future awaits you, but you need to take the first step.

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